Rescuing Injured or Orphaned Wildlife

Animal Condition Instructions
All Injured Wear gloves or use a towel when handling wildlife and DO NOT FEED or give water. Place in a cloth-lined box with a secure lid and keep in a quiet location. Take animal to a licensed rehabilitator as soon as possible to avoid malnutrition, infection, or imprinting. It is against the law to keep wildlife.
Bird Feathered If hopping around, leave alone.This is a natural stage for most songbirds. Go inside and watch the fledge for a constant 45 minute period, during this time the parents will dart in to feed and leave. If parents are not seen after 1 hour: place the bird in a cloth lined box and contact SWVAWC. DO NOT FEED OR OFFER WATER.
Bird Naked First, warm in hands, then try to re-nest. If bruised or  nest not located then call us. If parents do not reappear within the hour, place in a cloth-lined box with a lid and keep warm. Keep in a quiet location. DO NOT FEED.
Chipmunk Furred If it is moving around then leave alone. If caught by a dog, cat or injured; then use a box to scoop up the chipmunk and call SWVA.
Chipmunk Naked Place in a box with a secure lid and keep warm. Contact SWVA.  DO NOT FEED.
Fawn Uninjured Does bed their fawns down before daylight then leave, returning only at dusk to feed them. If the fawn has been attacked, hit or has flies: please contact SWVA. Please leave alone if is not injured.
Fawn Alone Fawns after 2 weeks of age will wander around on their own. The doe will return at dusk. If the doe is dead or the fawn is in the same location after 24 hours, call SWVA. We will help determine if the fawn needs rescuing. It is important that you DO NOT FEED.
Groundhog Furred If it is a juvenile standing near a dead parent or it has been attacked; scoop into a box with a secure lid. Use gloves. Call SWVA. DO NOT FEED.
Groundhog Naked Place in a box without a secure lid and keep warm. Call SWVA Wildlife Center. DO NOT FEED.
Opossum > 8″ Long Leave alone unless injured.
Opossum < 8″ Long Place in a cloth-lined box with a lid. Keep in a quiet and warm location. DO NOT FEED.
Rabbit Furred If the rabbit is the size of a tennis ball then leave alone. If caught by dog or cat, contact SWVA. High stress related mortality; do not handle unless injured or orphaned! DO NOT FEED.
Rabbit Naked First warm in hands. If possible locate the nest site. Place the babies in the small and shallow hole covering with mulch or grass. If parent is dead or the rabbit is injured, place it in a cloth-lined box with lid. Keep in a VERY QUIET location. DO NOT FEED and contact SWVA.
Squirrel Furred If they run up to you or are found laying on the ground they need help. Place in a box with secure lid and contact SWVA.
Squirrel Naked Place in a box without a lid and keep warm. DO NOT FEED. Baby squirrels can be placed beneath the tree if warm, giving the mother up to 2 hours to re nest. If she does after 2 hours, call SWVA Wildlife Center.

* Modified from Wildlife Center of Virginia Guidelines

Call us first at 540-798-9836 to provide the best help to the wildlife! Animals thrive best in the wild.

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