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2021 started off great for us! We had a very successful release of a Great Horned Owl in Danville. This owl was found hanging above the Dan River exhausted and entangled in fishing line. Thankfully, the Danville Fire Department came to the rescue and Conservation Protection Officer Eric Dotterer brought us the injured owl. After spending 6 weeks with us it was released on January 2, 2021! Check out the coverage below.

Great Horned Owl Release:

WFXR/FOX – Digital Desk

WSLS10/NBC – Story by Taj Simmons 

Virginia Dogwood – Story by Amie Knowles


December started off great with the successful release of a Great Horned Owl in Salem. However, the end of the month took a surprising turn when our mail was stolen! Then, at the end of the month we had a wonderful story done by Amie Knowles of the Virginia Dogwood. Please check out the many different stories below.

Great Horned Owl Release:

WDBJ7/ CBS – Story by Lindsay Cayne


Stolen Mail:

WDB7/CBS – Story by Pat Thomas

WFXR/FOX – Digital Desk


Virginia Dogwood Story:

‘A Flood of Patients’  – Story by Amie Knowles


We recently had a special story done for us by Robbie Harris at WVTF, the largest radio following of any station in Virginia, discussing hazards to our local and migratory birds. She interviews Sabrina Garvin and Dr. Karen Powers of Radford University. The story is below./strong>

WVTF – Story by Robbie Harris


In October we had several very successful releases. We had a release of a Great Horned Owl at Pandapas Pond near Virginia Tech, a Red-tailed hawk in Giles, and another Red-Tailed hawk at Fishburn Park in Roanoke. More coverage of the stories can be seen here:

Red-tailed Hawk Coverage of the Release at Fishburn Park:

The Roanoke Times – Story by Don Petersen

WSET/ABC 13 – Story by Ida Domingo


Great Horned Owl Coverage of the Release at Pandapas Pond:

WDBJ/CBS 7 – Story by Jen Cardone

The Roanoke Times – Story by Matt Gentry


In September we had an online auction to replace the canceled ‘Night Owl on the Town’ Gala with the help of the Roanoke Valley SPCA. Here’s some coverage of the event:

WSLS/NBC 10 – Story by Jeff Williamson

WDBJ/CBS 7 – Story by Janay Reece

…and some follow-up coverage after the event was over…

WSLS/NBC 10 – Story by Rachel Lucas

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The Roanoke Times – Joanne Poindexter


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