Our educational mission: “Teaching understanding, care, and respect of Virginia’s native species”.

We offer off-site wildlife programs to any age group or organization. Each program lasts one hour and can be tailored to fit your schedule. With the aid of our Educational Ambassadors, we would love to educate and share our knowledge of wildlife rehabilitation and conservation. Our Educational Ambassadors are formerly wild animals –  which due to various circumstances cannot be released. So, they now dedicate their lives to educating our community in southwestern Virginia. Be sure to scroll all the way down on this page to see photos of our amazing ambassadors.

We commonly give programs to schools, youth and civic groups, Boy and Girl Scouts, nature clubs (bird clubs, Virginia Master Naturalists, etc.), veterinary programs, and more!

To submit a request for a program, please email us at to get in touch with our education team.

Please include the following:

  • Time and date requested
  • Name and physical address
  • Age of attendees and approximate number attending
  • Contact name and phone number in case of an emergency.
Cost: $100 per program or $150 for two programs on the same day. This contribution helps cover their medical care, feeding, housing, and transportation. We also encourage in-kind donations from our wish list.
AND last but not least – check our events page for upcoming programs too!

Meet Our Educational Ambassadors

Tuskegee, Red-tailed Hawk

Zombie, Eastern Screech-Owl

Chessie, Great Horned Owl

Rio, Eastern Box Turtle

Wally, Eastern Gray Squirrel

Jack, American Kestrel

Sable, Black Vulture

Aldo, Virginia Opossum

Ginny, Virginia Opossum

 Rosie, Eastern Box Turtle

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