Eagle PSA in USA Today

USA Today article regarding Bald Eagle patient we received on Christmas Eve:


Our official statement on this case:

“It was a very sad Christmas Eve – we admitted this immature Bald Eagle from Max Meadows who had been surviving by eating deer carcasses for a week prior to her capture by a Conservation Officer and was transported to our facility by Appalachian Wildlife Management. Images of this eagle’s wing are too horrific to be shared on social media, but we have provided an x-ray of her injured wing to show how badly her wrist was severed. Our worst fears gave way to horror when we realized that this bird had been shot. Sadly, due to the severity of the injury, there was nothing that could be done. This bird, even in a true miracle scenario, would never be able to live a painless and stress-free life. It was an inhumane act that led this beautiful bird to suffer for over a week out in the elements with no hope of recovery.
It’s been a hard year. This is the kind of news nobody needs right now. But we tell you this story for two reasons: we hope that with exposure, we will be able to find the person who shot her and get them to face justice. The eagle was found near the intersection of Major Grahams Rd & Red Hollow Rd in Max Meadows – if you have any information on this situation, you can contact the Department of Wildlife Resources crime line at: 1-800-237-5712, at wildcrime@dwr.virginia.gov or go to: https://dwr.virginia.gov/conservation…/wildlife-violation/ to submit a tip to law enforcement.
Second, we would like everyone to reflect just how fragile our natural resources are. Bald Eagles were still an endangered species thirty years ago. Bald Eagles only came off of Virginia’s list in 2013. Conservation efforts like ours worked extremely hard to bring these birds back from the brink, and their recovery is just barely in the rear-view mirror. And this is how we treat them? Our national symbol, that we worked tirelessly to save for future generations? We can do better than this. We SHOULD do better than this. If we don’t, who will?”