Bobcat Kittens!!!

Bobcat Kittens Trimmed

Disclaimer! Please be advised that this video contains an absurdly overwhelming and unbearable amount of cuteness! Watch at your own risk as we are not liable for tears, smiles, and/or the sudden urge to donate!
These Bobcat kittens arrived just a couple days ago and we suspect they were just over a week old upon arrival! Rehabilitating these 2 will present some very difficult challenges like:
-They currently need to be fed specialized formula every 2 to 3 hours around the clock just like a newborn baby.
-We will have to wear a mask, or sometimes a leopard print pillowcase, in order to prevent these 2 from becoming habituated to humans during feedings. At such a young age they could easily imprint, and once they associate humans with food they could no longer be safely released.
-Given their young age and being so late in the summer we will have to overwinter these 2 and they likely won’t be released until sometime next May.
This will be a long and very expensive rehab, so please consider making a donation today at 👇 ❤️🐯