First Bobcat Kitten of the Year!!!

We recently received our first Bobcat of the year from Giles County yesterday. The kitten is currently recovering from severe neurological trauma and her prognosis is guarded.

She was found dazed and circling on the side of the road in Giles County. Given the location she was found and the severe neurologic symptoms we suspect she was most likely struck by a car.

It is highly unusual to see such a well developed Bobcat this early in the year. Usually, Bobcats have offspring in April or May but given this mild winter we aren’t entirely surprised. She weighs 2.4kg and when not sedated is still rather feisty, which is a good sign! X-rays were negative for any fractures, and is on medications for pain, swelling, fever and neurological trauma. Bobcat Kitten Eating Feg 2023