Supreme Court Case Update

Official Statement:

We are deeply saddened by the recent decision issued from the Supreme Court of Virginia. The Court has remanded the Special Use Permit case back to the Circuit Court finding that Seymour and company have standing to bring the lawsuit against us and Roanoke County. The effect of this is that the case will go to trial and start all over again from the very beginning. Unfortunately, we now anticipate many more months of litigation/court, and we’ll have to spend an enormous amount of money that should be going toward saving our precious wildlife. To date, these cases have cost us over $140,000, and with this recent news we expect to spend tens of thousands more that we can ill afford on these unnecessary lawsuits. As only one of three wildlife veterinary hospitals in the state of Virginia that can treat threatened and endangered species, what will happen to our wildlife if we’re not here to save them?

Click HERE to read the decision.