Bird Atlas

This map shows our data contribution to the 2nd Virginia Breeding Bird Atlas, an ongoing five year long study to document what birds are breeding in Virginia and what is happening to their populations. As so far as we can find, Southwest Virginia Wildlife Center of Roanoke is the first wildlife rehabilitation center ever to directly participate in a Breeding Bird Atlas and is supplying valuable data to this study. This map shows the incredible geographical range of patients that we take care of—but keep in mind that this ONLY two years of data, ONLY shows baby birds, and ONLY shows data that was viable for the study (so not all baby bird patients are represented). Even though this only displays a tiny fraction of our patient load over the 18 years we’ve been in operation, it’s interesting to clearly see how we not only care for wildlife locally, but Virginia-wide! If you have nest boxes or have birds that breed on your property, learn how you can contribute that data to the Atlas at