Looking for more of Dr. Lucky Garvin’s stories?

2875757_origDr. Lucky Garvin weaves his experiences and observations of animals into informative and quite often humorous short stories.  He contributes to the Roanoke Times and the Roanoke Star-Sentinel, and is also author of three novels.

For more of Lucky’s stories, visit http://theroanokestar.com/  and search “Garvin” or visit http://www.luckygarvin.com/stories.html.

Also check out The Oath of Hippocrates (medical stories from 40 years of practice); A Journey Long Delayed  (the best bounty hunter in the West wants change, but finds many obstacles in his way); and The Cotillian (a tense contemporary thriller).  All stories are available through Barnes and Noble; You can check out The Oath of Hippocrates from local libraries as well.